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Why we do it

Because we're just like you

Window Tinting West London is home to a dozen car geeks and petrolheads, all of whom love everything that runs on four wheels. We bring our passion for all things car-related to work with us each day, meaning it gets passed on to our valued customers every time.

Because we want your car to stand out

Who wants to blend in with the crowd? We believe life is too short, and cars are too precious for them not to be noticed. At Window Tinting West London we will make your vehicle – be it a Nissan Micra or a Mazda RX-9 – the focus of attention wherever it goes and whenever it hits the road.

Because looking great doesn't have to be costly

Our work is fast, high quality and guaranteed to turn heads – but not at a ridiculous cost to you. We are one of the most competitive tinting companies in the Greater London area, because we believe in giving our customers the best at the best price.

Why us?

Our Company

Window Tinting London is the brainchild of true petrolhead and lover of all cool car things Andy Beck, who was so dissatisfied with the cheap tinting services offered in West London that he decided to strike out on his own. Established in 2012, Beck wanted his company to provide the ultimate service for other car enthusiasts, and in just five short years has seen it become number one in the region.

Our Promise

No bubbles in the film, no fading tints after a few months, no chips appearing in your vinyl wrap – we have 100% faith in our work, and use only the finest products from the best manufacturers. We take as much pride in our customers’ cars as we do our own, and offer a lifetime guarantee on all our services.

Our Team

Petrolheads, car nerds, call them what you will – but our staff at Window Tinting West London are also the finest technicians around, and proud of the service they offer. From tinting a single rear window to a complete car transformation with new alloys, vinyl wrap and the coolest tints, our team are the best at whatever they do.

Our Prices

Giving your beloved car a makeover shouldn’t cost the earth and at Window Tinting West London we offer competitive prices on all our products and services. From discounted alloy deals to pay-monthly complete-car refurbishment packages, we have something for every wallet.


How long will you need my car for?

Not long at all. You can attend our business address where we carry out the work, or you can choose our home and business application service and we can do all the work at whatever address is best for you, as long as there is a suitable indoor working area for our technician. All work normally takes around four hours.

Can I open my car windows straight away?

We would advise against this – our specialist film will require three to five days for successful application and adhesion to your windows, and lowering them before they have had the requisite time to seal may damage the film, your windows, or both.

Will the film bubble after a few months?

Not at all. At Window Tinting West London we use the highest quality materials and all tinting is carried out by certified, experienced professional technicians. Our lifetime guarantee reflects the faith we have in our products, craftsmanship and techniques.


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