When you put out money to pay for something, it better give you the best value for your money, right? Especially for your beloved vehicles. One of the most important you don’t want to overlook is the quality of your window tinting. You don’t want to ruin the overall appearance of your car over a sloppy window tint. Aside from the style, it also adds comfort from glare reduction and protection from UV Heat to you and your passengers.


Here are 5 examples of Awful Window Tinting you would want to avoid.

bad window tinting
1.) Bubbles

When putting on Window Tint, one must have the right technique and patience. Aside from that, you need to have the right equipment to avoid having small bubbles everywhere. A good tinter would press it tightly and evenly and good quality tint would stick tight even after years so invest on the best you can get in the market. These small pockets of air on your windows could ruin your view and might get really distracting as these tiny bubbles cause distortion and warping. The only acceptable time to have these is within a week after the tinting job to allow condensation, after this period, it should be smooth and flawless. Some installers would use a blow dryer to fasten up the drying though.
2.) Dirty Windows covered with Tint

Window tints show every single speck of dirt in there, and once it’s on, it would be very annoying to look at. Plus, it would still look dirty even after a good wash. So you need to find someone with good workmanship. It doesn’t need to be just clean, it has to be immaculate before the film is applied on the glass for you to get that squeaky neat outcome. There are many cases where dust is visible and it would be very hard to re do it after a while. There should never be anything trapped between the glass and the film wether its dirt or fiber from cloth. This is something you would never expect with an expert. They would always see to it that the surface is particle free before applying the tint on.













3.) Turning Purple

This is an indication that the type of film used is of low quality. The purpose of window tints aside from adding a mantle of privacy is to filter the harmful and damaging UV rays from getting inside. Exposure to sunlight and rain combined can wash out the poorly bleached vinyl sheet, hence, turning it into screaming purple and lessen heat resistance. People can already tell you used a cheap kind of film from afar and I bet you would not like that. Get an expert who can tell which is good and not to save you from the headache and embarrassment. After all, an awesome car deserves to be wearing only the best of the best.


4.) Messy Cutout

A good installer would stick it close to the your window pane and the film would be cut smoothly. No jagged edges and uneven cutouts. If the gap of your tint and the edge is quite big, yes, it’s an awful tinting job. Apparently, some installers do manual cutting which is totally fine but it’s always better to have it computer cut. Professional installers use computer cutting system to prevent having this particular problem. Also, some installers would cut out the space where your registration sticker is placed to avoid ripping off the tint when you need to get a new one. These would just cause an unpleasant line in the future so avoid it as much as possible.
5.) Peeling off the glass

You don’t want to have windows that looks flaky and distracting. Peeling off would mean that it did not stick properly when it was installed, the installer did not put in an adequate amount of spray for it to hold it as tightly as possible, or you rolled your windows down right away when it has not dried fully. Either way, it’s an awful feeling to have that and you would always be tempted to strip it off. Result, money put to waste. Professional Service follows a high operating procedure so this won’t happen too soon.

Bottom line, It’s always better to hire someone Professionally to install it than do it yourself to avoid all these nightmares. There are many pre cut kits in the market but nothing beats getting an expert to save you from all the future headache. If you want to have quality window tinting service, please contact us so we can help you.


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