Summer is the best season to sport a good tint. Aside from the glaring sun that you need to protect yourself from, it adds more appeal to your car while covering you from the harmful UV rays. It is like wearing the perfect pair of sunglasses to match your outfit.


There are four main types of tints that you can choose from:

1.) Dyed window film which  is made of a layer of dye placed in between an adhesive and protective polyester top coating.

2.) Metalized window film which has several layers resulting to a reflective finish and bounces off more UV rays than its contemporaries.

3.) Hybrid tinting film which is made up of an adhesive layer, dyed, metaled and a protective top coat combined and lastly the

4.) Ceramic film which is relatively new, consisting of an adhesive layer bonded with thin ceramic layer polished with a top coat. How can you tell which suits your car best? We need to consider your style and most importantly your needs. Having a hard time to decide? Here are some modified cars with different kinds of tint that truly compliment its body and color.


1.) Black always looks good on yellow. It gives that bold but striking look like the kind of tint this flashy bright yellow Chevrolet Corvette has. It has 35% light smoke shade that protects the insides of the vehicle while making it look damn good outside. Its tint is subtle but sleek, and you don’t really need to worry about vision at night because it appears dark outside but clear from the inside. Not too safe and not too risky. And since I like function and class combined, this is my personal favorite, it is something in between.



2.) This Audi R8 is rocking a reflector tint. It compliments the black and white and theme of the car so it does not make it too monochromatic. It looks stunning without being tacky. The tint it is wearing adds more glamour to the already classy look of the car. Sunny day? No problem. The only thing with this kind of tint is that it bounces off radio signals inside so taking phone calls inside might be a problem. It’s best not to use your mobile phones while driving anyway.

Audi R8



3.) One of the winners of the toughest, manliest looking cars here in West London is this Dodge Challenger with custom kits. It has 20% dark smoke tint all over. It is a total neck breaker and the black on black concept really worked well. We call it the Black Mamba because it looks deadly and sharp. Aside from the striking appearance, the tint keeps its passengers cool inside as this kind of tint is heat deflective. This shade is best for people who drive more often during the day than in night time. In addition, this film is shatter proof so it holds down the glass together in case its broken, giving extra protection to the driver and its belongings inside.



4.) And last but definitely not the least is this Matte Black Maserati with 50% very light smoke shade. Its crystalline tint gives superior clarity when driving during night time. We love how the subtle tinge complimented the strong matte black all over it, giving it a sexy and neat look. This car is an absolute stunner from the inside out and is there is no worry driving it in the evening, even on rainy days.



Gone are the days of boring tints. We now have a lot of options to choose from. Here in Window Tinting West London, we value your preference and choices. We believe that your objective for having a car tint plays a big part on the type of film and shade you pick. We can also use your own design, tint graphic or custom styles like flares, dragons or stripes to match wether you have a modified vehicle or starting out with an all stock car, just let us know. We also offer a variety of colors like yellow, green, blue and red for that hot blazing look and chrome for a more personal touch. Plus, you are guaranteed of the quality of the film and service. No purpling, no bubbling, no peeling or your money back.

Contact us for the best price we can offer for your wants and needs. Our customer management specialists will be very happy to assist you.


Reference: Topgear