At Window Tinting West London, naturally, we think every car should have some form of window tinting. It’s awesome and has a whole host of benefits. BUT, is it expensive?


As with anything, the cost varies from place to place. So offer really cheap options for poor quality whereas a higher price comes with better quality.


Some shops offer it for as low as £100 and some for as high as £500, depending on the car and film selected. The most affordable is for a basic, non-reflective tint that could cover all windows but the quality is not that good. It has the tendency to turn purple or worst, peel off in time. It’s basically this — the higher the price, the better quality you get.


The price is mainly influenced by the size of the vehicle you own as the length tint to be used and the duration it takes to do it will also be extended. The best selling of course is the high performance film which contains metal or carbon but may block radio signals from coming in and the color stable which does not fade over time. These quality films are guaranteed and would really save you from the big headache in the future.


Our preferred window tinting film for 80% of jobs


It actually saves you more money investing on films like Lumar because they last a lifetime instead of getting a cheap one and then having to change films every few years. Big shops like ours also have what we call the super strong film option with increased protection. It has the benefits you would love like the anti-theft and anti shatter feature (the glass fragments gets pushed out in case it gets broken so you won’t need to worry about you and your passenger). It is mostly preferred because of this. If you are worried with driving during the evening, you may opt to have the visor shield only in the front. This way, whether it’s evening or raining, you would not have a hard time with vision.

If you don’t have any idea or confused on which one you’d rather like, you may want to check out our previous article 4 car modifications that compliment tinted windows. Just be careful with the darkness or shade of the tint as we abide by the law and you don’t want to be penalized for having wrongly tinted windows. We have had customers come from elsewhere that have had their tint stripped off by the police because it was way too dark and we don’t want that happening to you.


What sets Window Tinting West London apart from the other shops is the quality of the film and the service (which is what you will really be paying for). If you go for a reputable shop like ours, not only will you be satisfied but you also get to be protected with at least a year of warranty cover. With services and products like window tints, it would definitely take some time before you can tell it is a good quality film so after market service would really come in handy.


It is best to have it done inside a building designed for this kind of process as this will eliminate the chances of having unnecessary dirt and bubbles trapped on the film. See previous article 5 examples of awful window tinting so you know what to look out for. Our window tint installers are Professionals, highly trained and follow a standard using a special technique that would make your window glasses look like it was tinted straight from the factory. Plus, we only use top of the line equipment to ensure the smoothest and most flawless finish you can have.


Interested in having your windows tinted within West London? Contact us now for a free estimate and our sales team will be more than happy to assist you. Book early with us and be advised that the installation process typically takes about 5 hours or so. You may leave the car with us and get it the next day without any additional cost or hidden charges.