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Where are you based?

We’re located in Hounslow, west London, between Heathrow Airport and the world famous Twickenham Stadium, which makes us easily accessible by road should you wish to drive to our premises so we can work on your vehicle.

How do I make an appointment?

It’s easy – you can just call in any time during office hours and speak to one of our customer service staff in person, or make an appointment via telephone, email or social media, all of which are found at the bottom of this page. We can then discuss your needs, when you want to drop your vehicle off (or if you want us to come to you!) and anything else you need to find out.


How long will you need my car for?

It depends on what work is being carried out, but usually not long at all. You can attend our business address where we carry out the work, or you can choose our home and business application service and we can do all the work at whatever address is best for you, as long as there is a suitable indoor working area for our technician. All work normally takes around four hours.

Do you just cover west London?

Not at all – we cover north, south, east and west London and beyond, and have worked for clients in the Home Counties and even as far west as Bristol. Our reputation for professional, low cost work by highly talented technicians has traveled far and wide, and we never say no to a job, wherever you may be based!

Tint Specifics

Why can I see bubbles in the window film?

This is completely normal, so don’t worry. We use specialist fluid during the application process and this can take a few weeks to dissipate from the space between the film and the window. It is common to see small bubbles or pockets of haziness immediately after the tinting has been carried out, but please do not attempt to burst or ‘push’ these bubbles away as it could cause damage. If you still have any issues after a month then please contact us.

Where is the tint applied?

The window film is applied to the inside of your window, and shaped to the edge of the glass to give a professional, factory-quality look with no gaps visible. As the film is inside, this means you can clean your car and its windows immediately after the tinting process with no waiting for the adhesive to dry.


What can I use to safely clean the inside of my windows?

We would advise against cleaning the inside of your windows until at least three days after the tinting process; this gives the film time to seal and reduces the risk of any damage. At first, use a paper towel or dry cloth to clean, and after a week you can use an ammonia-free solution to clean the windows properly. There are specialist cleaners on the market designed specifically for tinted windows – we would suggest using these at all times after tinting.

Other Services

What air con services do you offer?

We offer the full range of services for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Our qualified technicians carry out guaranteed work on everything from checking condenser temperature and measuring refrigerant to straightforward re-gas of the system and leak checks. Our staff are skilled on all makes and models of car air con, so you are in safe hands.

I want a logo on my bonnet, can you help?

At Window Tinting West London we have specialist staff who are experienced in working with vinyl wraps on vehicles. They can carry out complete wraps that will completely change the colour of your car, or add logos, numbers and even your own photograph to any part of the bodywork, if that’s what you want! Contact us with your plans and we’ll take it from there.

I have a slight scuff mark on one alloy wheel, can you assist?

We have a ‘no job is too small’ policy at Window Tinting West London. Even the smallest scratch on your alloy can be filled and repolished to its former glory. Our team can restore even the most damaged alloy wheel, using the highest quality fillers and buffing processes to return the mirror-like shine to your prized assets!

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